VRV/VRF Air Conditioning

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VRV air conditioning and VRF air conditioning are innovative technologies that can simultaneously change temperatures in different rooms in a building in response to external weather conditions.

These systems are perfect for larger business premises where temperature control is an essential factor in daily activities, and in buildings where the inhabitants value the climate of their rooms and understand that weather changes can affect the temperatures felt indoors.

Our expert engineers will design the perfect VRV or VRF air conditioning system around the features at your premises . This customized approach will ensure your building experiences desired temperatures throughout the building - heating or cooling the separate rooms accordingly. The ideal temperature for the specific rooms is set at the main control panel (this is the only human input needed) and the system does the rest of the work throughout the day and night.

For more information regarding our specialist VRF / VRV air conditioning systems, installed and maintained to the highest standards ., contact Apex Aircon Services today.

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