Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning

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Once installed, a ceiling cassette type air conditioning system will control the environment inside your property perfectly. By using filtering systems, a four-flow output and a host of technological features, these systems are perfect for commercial venues, offices and industrial properties. Apex Aircon Services stock and install high-quality ceiling cassette air conditioning units to a professional standard.

These technologically advanced systems are comprised of two main components - an internal and an external unit. The internal unit extracts air from the room and expels it through the external unit. This allows for a constantly refreshed atmosphere which is free from odours, dust and other air pollutants. Fresh air is pumped back into the room either at a warm or cool temperature to replace the 'old' air and keep the room at the desired climate.

We'll customise a ceiling cassette air conditioning system around your requirements, so contact Apex Aircon today for further details and a full building assessment. We provide ceiling cassette air conditioning to Delhi ,Noida & Ghazibad.

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